Lars Kynde

Lars Kynde is a composer and sound artist. After graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen as a composer, he moved to the Netherlands to explore his interests in the relationship between music and visual art. To broaden his knowledge about visual art, he studied Art Science at the Royal Academy of Art in Hague.

Lars Kynde is a composer that delights in creating the instruments on which his compositions are played - in fact these two aspects of music making are not so easily separated in his case and the invention of new instruments and the music created for them melt into surprising new forms. Kynde's works focus on the mutual influence of the music, the instrument and the notation system. By building physical sculptures, mechanical machines and three-dimensional scores he seeks new ways of constructing and comprehending musical structures. The instruments contain a duality that enables them to be presented both as installations on exhibitions and as instruments in concerts.

Kynde often collaborates with artists in other fields to create a broader range of musical experience. He has performed and exhibited extensively abroad, including in Japan, China, Mexico, Australia and most of the European Countries.

With inspiration from historical performance practices in combination with modern technologies and free imagination Kynde's works suggest an alternative basis for future music.