To me music making is a ceremonial framework for human relations.
Learning from traditional rituals and ceremonies, I try to create radically new rituals in order to recreate their original intentions in a modern context.

I am particularly interested in what ritual performances can teach us about our sensory perception. This interest has led me to explore different aspects of synesthesia. How does stimulation of one sense affect our perception through another? I am particularly interested in how music inspires our sense of sight, taste and smell, and in what manner our experience through these senses alters the perception and creation of the music.

I have been working together with other artists in many different types of hierarchical structures. I find it interesting how the choice of collaboration method formulates the artistic outcome, and how these choices reflect social relations and hierarchical patterns in society.

In the same way, I believe that choice of instruments and musical hierarchies are cardinal to the artistic outcome. This notion has led me to design and build new mechanical and electro-mechanical instruments and work on new systems of musical notation.

Lars Kynde