Exhibition at OKNO.
In collaboration with
Jeroen Uyttendaele,
Wolfgang Bittner,
Lyndsey Housden,
Selena Savic,
Rachida Ziani, and
Dewi de Vree.

The result will be shown in the weekend November 6-8

Space is a very valuable and precious entity for the inhabitant of a modern metropole. Although the architectural design of modern museums are often based on creating more 'space' the output of the exhibitions explicitly directed towards this goal are spars. In RE: we want to make this connection by creating an environment that is explicitly an extension of the city.

Seven artists with different backgrounds compose a spatial instrument based on separate readymade modules. All modules respond to one or more impulses coming from either the environment, the visitor or other surrounding modules. A tactile environment will thus be created relating directly to it's own ambience. Most of the work will be created in a intensive workweek in the okno space. The result will be presented as an exhibition at the end of this week.