No Patent Pending #2

Instrument Inventors Initiative

10th of February 2013,
Discussion 17:00, Performance 21:00
Cost: Free

Steim Concert Space,
Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134,

No Patent Pending #2 - iii - Steim

iii, an emerging collective of young media instrumentalists based primarily in the Hague, present an afternoon and evening event investigating the role of instrument and media design as a performative practice. Self-made media, and instrumental media as performance practice has a long and unique history in the Netherlands. This event intends to understand how performing artists today, with what seems like an ever-increasing fluency, combine histories and technologies to re-negotiate relationships within the musical, technological, perceptual, and ritual through live performance and improvisation.

iii is the collection of artists Erfan Abdi (IR), Nicky Assmann (NL), Dieter Vandoren (BE), Angel Faraldo (ES), Wen Chin Fu (TW), Mariska de Groot (NL), Lars Kynde (DE), Matteo Marangoni (IT), Jonathan Reus (US), Joris Strijbos (NL), Ben Terwel (NL), Yolanda Uriz (ES), Jeroen Uyttendaele (BE), and Dewi de Vree (NL)