Buiksloterweg 5 A- B
1031 CC Amsterdam-N

info nicoline lind 06-13031322

Wednesday january 13th

Concert 20:00
door open 19:30
entrance euro 5

Welcome at the 'OORSPRONG curators series' in Amsterdam's smallest and most adventurous venue. Programming 10 monthly small scale concerts, sound research and improvisation platform focusing on live electronics, acoustic improvisatuon, contemporary music, dance/mime, poetry, video-art - all curated by musicians of the Royal Improvisers Orchestra/RIO.

Calendar 2010: january 13th - february 10th - march 10th - april 14th - may 12 - june 9th,


PROJECT: Frederic Janssen & Willem Watersloot

In this project the sound of old reel-to-reel taperecorders and the tape itsefl is explored. Only the internal sounds of the machines are used, accidentally combined with found footage, resuting in an always unpredictable collage of sounds, coloured and played back by the ame machines.


James Hewitt/baroque violin
Marcos Baggiani/drums, percussion, toys

The Baroque violin master James Hewitt and his first attempt to make some free improvisation with the toys, drums and percussion of barbecue's master Marcos Baggiani. SET 3

Lars Kynde's 'Tape Tombola'.

A sculpture constisting of loudspeakers and old tape decks hold in space by a wooden construction. Amplifier and mixer are hidden inside the scuplpture, while a variety of different tape loops are creating a unique improvised universe of sounds.

How to reach venue RESERVAAT

Behind the Amsterdam Central Station, take by walk or bike the ferry to top 'Buiksloterweg', straight across the IJ water. Follow Buiksloterweg with café De Pont on your left. The next house - surrounded by an iron fence - is venue RESERVAAT, Buklsoterweg 5 A - B.

The 'OORSPRONG curators series' is a collective project produced by raoul van der weide (concept/coordination), nicoline lind (info and more), tita daniels from office 'YD+I/Young Designers & Industry' and the musicians of the Royal Improvisers Orchestra/RIO.