Tasteful sounds

Text from my dream about the realization
Pictures from the first edition of the project performed the 26th of August 2011.

See also article in Danish by Sara Indrio published by KODA

"The choreography of the chef and the sounds of cooking in the kitchen will be written into the score in detail (together with the music of the percussion player). Two performance-assistants will serve the food for the audience at the right time of the composition. Each dish will contain only one mouthful of food. The dish will be eaten simultaneously by the entire audience, and the music will follow the development of taste and aftertaste. This will happen a number of times with new dishes and new music. In between dishes there will be a intermezzo, in which the next dish will be served and the smell set in music."

"The look, taste, smell and feel of the food should be carefully composed. I am looking towards Japanese gastronomy because Japan has a food tradition that cares for the holistic integration of these details. Especially the small and carefully balanced dishes of the Kaiseki Ryori-style suits the project. I am also inspired by the precise order of the Japanese tea ceremonies. My aim is to make a harmonious performance that has this ceremonial character."

"By interchanging the natural way of experiencing food with the normal way of experiencing music, both scenes are dragged beyond their respective traditions. My hope is thus that Tasteful Sounds by combining food and music can inspire both scenes to see new possibilities."