Tasteful Sounds, 2nd version

Tasteful Turntable

Created in collaboration with Nikolaj Kynde 2012

Gaudeamus Music week - Utrecht, September 2012

Ritual performance about the synaesthetic interference between the two senses — tasting and hearing.

The performance takes place around a slowly rotating dining table designed to let the guests experience parallel stimuli through these two senses. Different powdery spices are carefully lined in thin circular grooves in the table, and four guests wearing headphones are seated around it. As the table slowly turns, the guests taste the flavours and listen to a syncronized music composition coherent with the position of the spices and their tastes.

Art route Scheveningen - The Hague, August 2012

Art route Scheveningen - The Hague, August 2012
all photos: Seline Oosterling