Tasteful Sounds

You are going to taste 6 dishes inspired by traditional Japanese gastronomy, and composed into a musical flow.

Japan has a food tradition that cares for the holistic integration of the four senses: taste, sight, touch and smell. With this project, we aim at expanding this tradition through integration of sound.

The performance is a composition for food and percussion that closely integrates the taste and the sound. Every bite of food will be synchronized with the music. Each musical expression will correspond to the taste, texture, smell, temperature, and aesthetics of the food.

The performance is developed in collaboration with the chef Taichiro Uemura, the percussionist Mei-yi Lee and the artist Nishiko.

It is a work in progress that will be developed further during the coming year. First result of the research will be performed for only limited audience.

Date: Friday, 26th of August, 2011
Time: 18:00 -19:00
Place: Villa Kabila, Violenweg 2, The Hague, The Netherlands

NB! Due to the limited number of seats, please make a reservation at LarsKynde@hotmail.com
Documentation from the performance