Opus Hamlet

Adam Walny and Lars Kynde 2012

Text and Image
The Characters

The Characters. Photo: Toshie Takeuchi

Music-theatre of Puppet-instruments (2 performers, 30 minutes).

The story is told without words by 8 custom made musical instruments anthropomorphized into the main characters of Hamlet.

Commissioned by HamletScenen, Denmark.
Created as a collaboration between puppet director Adam Walny and composer Lars Kynde.

Performed at
HamletScenen, Kronborg Castle, Denmark (June-July 2012)
Shakespeare Festival, Gdansk, Poland (July 2012).

Shakespeare Festival, Gdansk, poland 2012. Photo: kenreynolds

The Characters. Photo: Toshie Takeuchi

at KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival, June 2013